30,01,2014 (2)

I love you. Despite everything, you are the only person i truly love. You are the only man, that i think, is worthy of having a family and children with.

Some time ago, you kept saying that you love me and nothing will ever change that. I wonder if it is still so. Hm?

You offered to sleep with you. It was the first time for last year, at least. I try to remember that night, i try to remember your hands around my body, your breath on my neck, the wormth of your body, but i can't. I just cannot bring that image to my head. I don't know why. I suffer from it. 

i was reading my old messages and… there was a time when you were so sweet to me. But it is gone. I will put some here, just for myself. 

''Do you want to drive to Kiev with me tomorrow at 11''

27/04/13 17:53


''I love you''

29/04/13 12:11


''I am in England and so sad and lonely without my heart and soul''

17/07/13 22:32


''You are my universe, you bring me light and hope and your body is my stars''

17/07/13 22:36


''Sorry i did not call. I went to the opera by myself, it was Ukrainian) i know you work tomorrow, so i did not want to wake you. I love you honey''

02/08/13 00:37


''I love you'' 

14/08/13 18:06


''Kiss your pretty ;ips and your pretty bum. I love you my angel''

18/08/13 19:27


''Never forget that i love you, nothing will change that''

04/01/13 16:36


''I love you too and your big feet''

05/01/13 14:35


''Good night baby please don't be bad… be my angel''

09/01/13 22:47

Where are these times? I miss you

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