I still remember how you were biting me up when i laied on the floor. 

I can't still throw that picture out of my head. Maybe because you didn't apologise for it… You said ''I am sorry, there is no excuse for me, what else can i say'' when i mentioned that story. But it isn't an apology from your heart. You are not really sorry for that. 

Now we can go on. It was just something i had to let out of my chest.


You said ''I wish i could switch and make all of you just disapear'' — be careful what you wish for! And by the way, why don't you tell that everyone in the company? Why do i have to listen to insults and nobody else?

I am so sick of being insulted all the time. I really am. I make mistakes, but never let myself to insult you or say anything negative. You do and i am tired of that.

You said you have been sick for the last three years. Last three years? Isn't it the time we have been together? Oh… It is..? Well, so i was there for you when you were at your worst and this is what i get for it? Terribly treated?

Yes, you were right. Only one month left and you can go fuck yourself with your new beautiful girlfriend. 

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