I have been working as an administrator of a gumbling club. I started in the beginning of july. As well for about two weeks or so i am working as an administrator in Jason's company. He isn't in the country yet. He will return in september. 

He says that we won't live together when he is back. That we will stay away from each other for some time. That upsets me.. 

I again have probema with my mom. I am tired. I am tired of my family, i am tired of being alone and lonely. I am tired of working all the time, i simply want to sleep, at least once for as long as i want. 

Now i am sitting in the parck, all alone, my cousin has just left me. We agreed to meet, as we have not seen each other for a long time. She came here with her boyfriend i don't like. So we couldn't really talk about anything. Just wasted time and money. She didn't invite me to her home as she always does, she just left. 

Also the apartment Jason rents for someone, stayed empty for the whole summer. I could easily live there and not suffer with my mom. He didn't even think about that. 


I am sitting here, writing these lines realizing that i don't want to go home, but i have no other place to go. .


What...will go..

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