You know… i have been waiting for this meeting for so long… Finaly we met. And this time we spent together has gone away so quickly… I just met him yesterday morning, and now he is so far away already.

We both realized how much we love each other and how much we need one another. I love him, and now i am sure as i have never been. I don't care how he look and how good he is, i love him more than anything in my life. I would die for him. 

I want to be with him all the time, every minute, every second of my life. I want to be making him happy till my last day of living. 

I now know for sure, i will love him till my last breath. He is Jason, he is my man. He is my life and i belong to him. And noone is allowed to even look at my man's property.

Jason, if you ever read it, please know — i truly love you, with my whole heart, for ever and ever i am always yours.

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