I have shared a link with you. A link to my heart and brain. I have never had a visitor to my dairy and still have none. It is even better. 

I thought today… I remember you said you don't love me anymore. But I secretly hope you do at least a little bit. 

What if you stop loving me one day. Or what if you really don't love me anymore even now...

I don't know how to live with this. How can I be walking on earth knowing that the only person I have and love doesn't respond with the same. How can I live my life knowing that no one needs me, No one loves me and no one cares.

It scares me. Babe, I am afraid. I want to be with you.

God, please force the destiny to bring us together,  otherwise you will lose a child of yours. I can't and don't know how to exist without him.

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