Last time i saw JC we were not even friends. We broke up.

I think i mentioned that he kept insulting me for a long period of time. Then all of a sudden he said he loves me, wants family and children with me. I tried to get some explanations to what was happening but had no luck. I still want to know why he behavied this way. One day from hating me and insulting to loving me more than anything. It doesnt let me calm down. But whatever. 

He said yesterday that after i finish uni we will start a family. Live here and there a few months. So i could say he sees us together in future. 

Very difficult to see or judge the situation so far. He is coming in a month or so. Probably will stay here for a month as well. JC i remember is terrible, JC that hates me and calls me the worst whore in the city. When we eventually meet it is very interesting what JC he became. I forgot what it is like to be loved by him. I dont know what to say or how to behave myself. I mean i have so many questions i want to know the answers to. But i am afraid to say something that isnt needed and spoil our meeting. 

So exited i am. Will see how it goes. 

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