Hey everyone.

I am worried. It is about him. I don't know how it happens but everytime he calls me i am not able to answer. How can i explain it to him? The most stupid thing is that i am not at parties or hang around somewhere. It is really i sleep or don't here or simply not on time come to my phone. I am sure he doesn't believe it. He doesn't believe that i can be such an idiot. I wouldn't believe. But it is sadly true. For example last time when he called me three times with an hour gap i was at the cinema. Alone by the way. I bought myself the ticket and watched three movies in a row without leaving the room. Also you are allowed to bring stuff to the place so i bought myself few bottles of beer. Yeah, and like a drunk set there alone drinking and trying to forget all the shit, sorry for a swear. Why fate does this stupid trick all the time? It wouldn't be so pity if i did someting bad, but i don't and that's why it sucks even more. I hope he is a smart boy and will call me again. I want to hear his voice. Or at least writes me, as he has not written me for few days. 

I miss you darling, please talk to me. I need you

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